Loft Conversion Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Loft Conversion Facts

  • Fact 1 NOT all loft conversions require Planning Permission.
  • Fact 2 All loft conversions DO require Building Control approval.
  • Fact 3 Loft conversions ADD to the value of the property.
  • Fact 4 You DON’T need to move out of your property whilst having your loft converted.

Does my loft have enough head room to be converted?

Most lofts can be converted but what is crucial is that there is enough achievable headroom. Ideally you need around 2.3m (7 feet 6 inches) to start with from the existing ceiling joists to the apex of the loft, but it is still achievable with slightly less height. If you aren’t sure whether you have enough height, give us a call.

How much will the loft conversion cost?

This is not an easy question to answer without taking a look at your property first, and that’s why we offer a free, fully detailed and all-inclusive loft conversion quote which we post to you soon after carrying out a survey; it costs nothing to find out!

Typically loft conversions start around £24,000 and can head up to anywhere in the region of £60,000 depending on the property and the scale of the work.

How long will the conversion take?

This depends on the type of loft conversion but typically:

  • A Velux Loft Conversion = 4/5 weeks.
  • A Dormer Loft Conversion = 6/7 weeks.
  • An L-shaped Dormer Loft Conversion = 7/8 weeks.
  • A Hip to gable Loft Conversion = 7/8 weeks.
  • A Hip to gable w/rear dormer = 8/9 weeks.

Is Planning Permission needed for my loft conversion?

Under new regulations that came into effect from 1 October 2008 a loft conversion for your house is likely to be considered under “permitted development” which will not require Planning Permission. This is subject to certain limits and conditions.

Any properties in conservation areas, areas of outstanding natural beauty, national parks or listed buildings will require Planning Permission, as will Flat/Maisonettes (as these have no permitted development rights.)

What guarantee does Amazing Space give?

We give a 3 year guarantee for the main structural elements of the loft conversion.

My stairs at ground floor level enter into an open-plan arrangement, what happens here?

If you have an open-plan layout, you could put in walls to separate your stairs from any rooms, and link them to an escape route to the outside.

It used to be up until April 2007, all doors to habitable rooms off the stairwell should have self-closers. (This is no longer required but care should be taken in keeping doors shut when possible to protect the escape route in the outbreak of a fire.)

Will I need smoke detectors?

To comply with Building Regulations our electricians fit interlinked smoke detectors at each level, where necessary to comply with fire regulations.

These smoke alarms are mains hardwired and have standby battery backup power supply.

Will scaffolding be alarmed?

The scaffolding company that we use do not alarm their scaffolding; however our staff ensures all the ladders are removed before they leave.

Dormer cladding - what are the options available? Do we have a choice of finishes?

Yes there are a number of choices to choose from. Our employees will bring samples along with them to your property.

Usually they have to match or be similar to your current roof.

What do I need to do next?

Your next move is to get in touch to arrange a no obligation, feasibility study to determine the practicality and options for your loft conversion. Please contact us today on 01273 870510

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