Loft Conversion Costs

Typically loft conversions start around £24,000 and can head up to anywhere in the region of £60,000 depending on the property and the scale of the work.

Pricing a loft conversion requires taking a look at your property first, that’s why we offer a free, fully detailed and all-inclusive loft conversion quote which we post to you soon after carrying out a survey; it costs nothing to find out!

Raising Finance for a loft conversion

There are number of ways to raise finance for a loft conversion. Remortgaging is the most common way of raising the money. Most mortgage lenders will be happy to provide you with the money. Loans from finance companies are also a possibility but the cost of the loan may be greater than going to your original mortgage lender. We are happy to provide written quotations to anyone needing to raise the finance from their mortgage lender or finance company.

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