Our Loft Conversion Services

We offer two types of service when converting your loft:

Complete Loft

We offer a service from initial free consultation, through to “ready to paint”. In the first instance we will discuss what you are aiming to achieve and we will give you our best advice. If we think that a loft conversion simply isn’t a good idea on your property – we’ll tell you.

Part Loft

Some of our customers are competent enough DIY-ers to finish the job and can save typically 25%. In this instance it would be normal for us to do all of your structural work: floor, windows, stairs, support roof etc. leaving a carcass for you to insulate, board, plaster and second fix.

Types of Loft Conversions

Fundamentally there are four ways to convert a loft:

We offer a FREE consultation which carries NO OBLIGATION.
Call 01273 870510, or email office@amazingspacelofts.co.uk to arrange a Loft Conversion Consultation.

We do not employ sales people, but instead offer you genuine advice, drawing on over 30 years experience specialising in loft design and build. An initial meeting can answer many of your questions such as:

– The general feasibility of a loft conversion
– Basic design ideas from staircase options to approximate sizing of potential room spaces
– An estimate (subject to survey)
– Time scale involved in taking your project from start to satisfactory completion